CADDSOFT - Commonsensical Application and Device Development Solutions by Optimizing Fundamental Technologies.

What We Believe In :::: Our Mission


CADDSOFT is a privately held for-profit high-tech market research and product development company, with a mission of making technology human-friendly by developing commonsensical innovative solutions for PC, mobile, and wearable devices.


CADDSOFT was founded with an aim to build a technology-development focused organization that would enable its founders to work on multiple concepts. Before long, CADDSOFT was associated with entrepreneurs who were looking for affordable technical solutions yet a team with entrepreneurial mindset to help bring their concepts into reality. Since then, CADDSOFT has expanded its domains of expertise to market researsch and product design, and now offers complete product development solutions to budding entrepreneurs as well as to established organizations.



In our efforts to promote entrepreneurship at grass-root level, we work closely with budding entrepreneurs to help identify the market for their ideas; synergize their concepts with market needs; and analyze market size and its growth prospects by means of extensive qualitative and quantitative market research to help make strategic decision to peruse their ideas further.


For established organizations in Information Technology, Engineering, and Plant Designing fields; we apply our multiple decades of cumulative expertise to develop customized and cost-effective solutions for their design [CAD] and technology [IT] needs.

Who We Are :::: Our Team

Raj K Arora

With 12+ years of extensive experience in the technology sector, Raj specializes in product development based on industry best practices. Raj has worked hands-on with some of the fortune 500 companies on projects worth multimillion dollars in Chemical and Refinery sector.

Raj holds a Masters of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA and completed his Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston.

Praveen Maria

With upward of 14 years business experience behind him, Praveen has built business across Asia and Europe, developed and executed business plans, rolled out telecom projects, built businesses & technical teams, and delivered projects and managed alliances.

Praveen's domain focus is IT & Telecom solutions across multiple verticals that include Financial Services, BPO / SSC, and Government sector.

Praveen holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science and MBA in general management. Besides work, Praveen likes to keep busy with books and in the gym.

Ashish Mukherjee

Ashish direct the core technology team at CADDSOFT. Ashish has spent more than a dozen years designing and coding complex applications for start-ups and for large technology firms. While working with Yahoo, he spent four years working on various platforms internally.

Ashish's key areas of technical expertise lie in open-source, scalable Web/backend applications, and Big Data.

He has a keen interest in evolving product ideas from concept to implementation, solving start-up challenges or using technology to take products to the next level. For the past two years, he has been lending his technical skills to start-ups as a consultant.

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